Leading the Heavy Machinery Sector in South Eastern Anatolia since 1971

Çiltuğ Inc. has been playing a major role in the Heavy Engineering, Hydropower Engineering & Hydroelectric Design at both domestic and international scale. Today, Çiltuğ Inc. is a regional leader regarding large HEPP, WPP and infrastructure projects thanks to its highly experienced staff and carefully cultivated corporate culture.

Çiltuğ Inc. provides design, building, maintenance and consultancy services with the aim of becoming the most preferred solution partner in the energy sector.

Currenlty Çiltuğ Inc. operates two factories in Gaziantep, Southeastern Turkey:

  • Our Heavy Machinery and Steel Structure Factory established on 10,000 sqm. covered area and 7,000 sqm. outdoor area,
  • Our Wind Tower and Accessories Construction Factory is established on 5,000 sqm. covered area and 32,000 sqm. outdoor area.

Both of these factories are located within the 1st Industrial Zone of Gaziantep city in South-East of Turkey where 220 km away from Iskenderun Sea port and 280 km away from Mersin Seaport with conjunction of TEM motorway.

All workshop fabrication and erection works are achieved by our well-experienced technical personnel under the international Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015. In addition to this standard, our technical team is equipped with EN ISO 3834-2 Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials Management Quality Requirements System, EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 Technical Requirements fort he Execution of Steel Structures System, ASME U&S Stamp and Health & Safety Equipment Certifications with ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007.

Both of our workshop engineers are certified for the NDT Tests Level-2 under the EN ISO 9712 or SNT-TC-1A Standards by independent & accredited authorities. All welders have test certificates under the EN ISO 9606-1 Standards.

Maintenance & Service

Our new division offers assessment & consulting, training, refurbishment & upgrade services. Our experienced team is ready 7/24 for the express maintenance and spare parts service of all types of HEPP and WPP facilities across Turkey.

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What we do?

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

For Hydroelectric Power Plants;

  • Spillway radial gate with hydraulic lifting equipment and stoplog gates,
  • Power intake fixed wheel gates, trashracks and trashracks cleaning machines,
  • Penstocks (high pressurized pipes), expansion and flexible joints for transmission and power lines,
  • Bifurcations, trifurcations and multiple branch-pipes for power lines,
  • Bottom outlet sliding gate valves, jet flow gate valves and conical valves (Howell Bunger valves),
  • Butterfly valves with counterweights,
  • Spiral case and stayrings, draft tube, elbow and cones, inlet pipes
  • Turbine housings and pit liners for Francis, Kaplan and Pelton Turbines,
  • Distributors, collectors and manifolds for Pelton Turbines,
  • Stator & Rotor frames, upper & lower brackets for generators,
  • Regulating Ring,
  • Power house overhead cranes and gantry cranes.

For Wind Power Plants;

  • Steel wind towers,
  • Rotor houses,
  • Stator structures & base frames,
  • Generator Brake discs & Stator plates,
  • Turbine transportation frames,
  • Anchor cages c/w flanges and foundation rings,
  • Turbine Blade hubs,
  • Mechanical kit sets,

For Thermal Power Plants with Heavy-duty Simple and Combined Cycle Gas Turbines;

  • Turbine Housing and frames for Thermal and Gas Turbines, Steel welded constructions,
  • Pressurized vessels, steam boilers and boiler anchorages and boiler platforms,
  • Petroleum storage and process tanks.

For Cement Factories;

  • Cylindrical Links and shells for Kiln,
  • Silo, hopper and cyclones,
  • Conveyor Lines.