Message from the Chairman

Leading the Heavy Machinery Sector in South Eastern Anatolia since 1971

Our company started operations in 1971 and we are proud of our achievements, but we also think that it is not enough and there is much more to accomplish...

In 1965, when I was a new engineer, I started to work at Keban Dam project. That was a great project for Turkey in those years and fabrication of high pressurized dam gates was a dream for the industry. We used to import them from the USA, and in Europe projects of this sort were being discussed if they are doable in Europe or not. So looking back, from 1965 to this day, with so many completed mega water dams and HEPP projects all over Turkey, it is a proud moment for our company and for Turkish engineers in general.

Up until this day, our company has successfully completed large numbers of international joint venture HEPP and water dam projects such as Karakaya and Atatürk Dams. We have increased our experience and know-how while investing a great deal in our machine park and equipment. I believe with our highly experienced engineers, production team and large machine park, we have become experts in the hydro-mechanical sector.

Currently, we have the capacity and know how to successfully manufacture and complete turnkey projects for worldwide energy investments in all types of hydro-mechanical and electromechanical equipment, all types of turbines, generator parts, inlet pipe, inlet valve, spiral case & stay ring, draft tubes, and turbine housings. General Electric, Voith, Siemens, Alstom are some of our customers for these types of products and we are producing for a number of investments in various countries such as USA, Canada, EU countries, Middle East and Far Eastern locations.

Our new goal is to concentrate more on renewable energy sector such as HEPP projects, and Turkish wind energy investments, which is around 1,000 in total. We are preparing to increase our capacity to manufacture turbines, generator parts and wind towers for the renewable sector and hope to become the sole supplier of individual renewable projects.

I hope we will be able to reach our new goal in the very new future.

With my best wishes,

Ibrahim TUĞSUZ