Areas of Expertise

Wind Power Turbine Generators, Tower Fabrications & Installations

Already a keen supporter and investor in renewable energy, Ciltuğ Inc. started its activities in the sector with the construction of a Wind Tower and Accessories Construction Factory located on 7,000 m² covered area and 25,000 m² outdoor area designed specifically for the manufacture of wind towers.

  • Steel wind tower production with a capacity of 80 towers annually (Single segments up to 105 tons.)
  • Rotor houses,
  • Stator structures & base frames for off-shore towers,
  • Generator Brake discs & Stator plates,
  • Turbine transportation frames,
  • Anchor cages c/w flanges and foundation rings,
  • Turbine Blade hubs,
  • Mechanical internals & Platforms (Kit sets),
  • Electrical and mechanical internal accessories installation with plug-in connection to the wind generator at the erection site.
  • Nordex Energy GmbH
    Sincik WEPP Project- 11 Units Tower,
    Type: N100, R80 MT5.1 EC 2a
  • Lagerwey
    System BV-2 Units Towers & Internals,
    Type: L100; 96.7 M
  • Baykal Energy
    4 Units Towers & Internals,
    Type: 68M HH, TC3
  • Amperax/Meric Energy
    2 Units Towers & Internals,
    Type: 92M/3MW
  • Areva Wind GmbH
    TG01 Type Transportation Frame,
    Weight: 196 tons

Quality Control (NDT)

All welding activities are carried out by our own EN ISO 9606-1 certified welders. NDT activities are carried out by our own EN ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1AC certified inspectors.

Auto Surface Cleaning & Blasting Cabin, Painting Booths

Sand Blasting Booth
Dimensions: 8 x 30.5 x 6.5 m
Equipped with:
Automatic External Blasting Equipment with Turbine. Capacity: 80 m2/h
Manually Internal Blasting Equipment 4 set. Capacity: 50 m2/hour

Painting Booth
Dimensions: 10 x 30.5 x 6.5 m
Equipped with: Heating Unit, Circulating Unit, Lighting and PLC System

PLC Controlled Painting and Curing Cabins

Booth Dimensions (W x L x H) 10 x 30.5 x 6.5 m
Equipped with: Heating Unit, Circulating Unit, Lighting and PLC System

Installation of Mechanical & Electrical Internals

Assembly of all mechanical and electrical internals including platforms, cabling, service elevators, ladders are carried out by experienced erection team at our workshop and project job sites.

Storage Area

80 tower segments are stored as single layer, and 160 tower segments are stored as double decker storing.

Load Spreading and Anchorage Flanges

Delivery and Installation