Atatürk Dam and HEPP (8 x 300 MW)

1994 / Şanlıurfa, Turkey

  • CLIENT: General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) of Turkey
  • PROJECT: Atatürk Dam and HEPP (8x300 MW), Şanlıurfa, Turkey
  • CONTRACTOR: Noell GmbH / Germany, Sulzer-Escher Wyss Ltd. & Asea Brown Boveri Co. / Switzerland
  • SUB-CONTRACTOR: Noell GmbH and Çiltuğ Joint Venture
  • SCOPE: Fabrication, sandblasting, painting, erection and testing of Penstocks, supports and expansion joints
    Pipe Diameter: Ø5.5 m-Ø8 m
    Pipe Plate: 22-44 mm
    Pipe Lenght: 650 mx8 Lines.
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 26,600 Tons
  • TOTAL PAINTING AREA: 250,000 m2
  • COMPLETED IN: 1994