Kralkızı Dam and HEPP (2 x 45 MW)

1999 / Ergani - Diyarbakır, Turkey

  • CLIENT: General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) of Turkey
  • PROJECT: Kralkızı Dam and HEPP (2x45 MW), Ergani - Diyarbakır, Turkey
  • CONTRACTOR: MNG İnş. / Turkey
  • SUB-CONTRACTOR: Çiltuğ Heat Industry and Trade Co.
  • SCOPE: Fabrication and erection of all hydro-mechanical equipment. 4 number os apillway radial gates in dminesion of 8.2 m x10.5 m, 2 numbers of bottom inlet gates in dimension of and bottom outlet gates in dimension of and bottom outlet Gates and trashracks.
    Intake services gates: 416 tons (Mechanically driven)
    Spillway intake gates: 70 tons (Mechanically driven)
    Spillway radial gates: 315 tons (Mechanically driven)
    Stoplogs and trashracks: 102 tons
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 903 Tons
  • COMPLETED IN: 1999