Quality Policy

Production and installations in our premises located in First Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep province in the Souteast Anatolian part of Turkey are carried out by our experienced technical staff in accordance with international quality, standards and under ISO-9001:2008 Quality Management System.


In order to ensure "Continuous satisfaction of our clients" our main objective is;

  • To respond at a maximum level to the needs of our personnel who are the most important element of our production input and who are our driving force (well being of our personnel),
  • To train our personnel on a continous basis in order to ensure that we do our work flawlessly and at a time (Training and flawless work),
  • To act with an environmental awareness and therefore not to darken our future (Protecting the environment),
  • To work with a quality awareness and a team spirit together with all our personnel and suppliers (Team Spirit),
  • To establish latest technology and quality-reliable products and services, to become a global brand in our industry by continuously improving and protecting this brand (Çiltuğ = Quality and Reliability).