Our Main Area
of Activities

Produces electromechanical and hydromechanical products for hydroelectrical power plants and dams and carries out manufacturing and installation of wind towers and turbin baseplates, steel constructions, pressure vessels and oil storage tanks for thermic and petrochemical plants.

Production of permanent hydromechanical equipments for
Dam, HEP and Energy Projects

  • Penstock Pipes
  • Radial and Stop Logs
  • Sliding Gates, Valves
  • Trashracks and Trashracks Cleaning Machines

Electromechanical equipments for HEPP and Energy Projects;

  • Spiral Case and Stayrings
  • Draft Tube
  • Pelton distributors
  • Kaplan Turbin Accessories
  • Turbin Inlet Pipes
  • Turbin Housing Covers
  • Generator Stator Carcasses

Construction and Installation of Wind Towers (up to 100 meters height)

Production and Installation of Steel Constructions for Thermal Power Plant and Petrochemical Installations

Turnkey Construction and Public Works Services Contracting,

Heavy steel structures, Pressure Vessel, Oil Storage Tanks,

Production and Installation of Transport and Cement Plants